City of Wunstorf, Germany to use LiquidFeedback for civic participation platform “wunstorf-direkt” 

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by Andreas Nitsche on March 17, 2015

The City of Wunstorf, Germany starts a LiqidFeedback based civic participation platform under the name “wunstorf-direkt”. City statutes on the use of LiquidFeedback have been decreed by the municipal council. Following the counties of Friesland and Rotenburg, Wunstorf is the first city to use LiquidFeedback for a continuous civic participation founded on municipal law.

Andreas Nitsche, Co-developer of LiquidFeedback and board member of the Association for Interactive Democracy, explains: “The City of Wunstorf provides participation infrastructure not restricted to a singular issue. Citizens can use the platform whenever they feel the need to raise their voice. Members of political parties and citizen movements can use the platform to join the discourse. Other than that the city administration can use the platform to perform an opinion poll on important issues.”

The areas in “wunstorf-direkt” follow the structure of the municipal commissions. All citizens from the age of 16 can register for the platform.

About LiquidFeedback and Interaktive Demokratie e. V.

LiquidFeedback is an independent open source project published under MIT license by the Public Software Group of Berlin, Germany. The developers of LiquidFeedback have teamed up in the Interaktive Demokratie e. V. - Association for Interactive Democracy to promote the use of electronic media for democratic processes.


Information published by the City of Wunstorf (in German) (Briefing)

“Die Online-Bürgerbeteiligung wunstorf-direkt geht an den Start!” (News release)

wunstorf-direkt and LiquidFeedback