City of Achim, Germany launches achim-dialog based on LiquidFeedback 

news :: 2016
by Axel Kistner on May 01, 2016

The City of Achim, Germany launches the participation platform achim-dialog [1] based on LiquidFeedback [2].

All residents of the city from the age of 16 and local businesses are invited to join the political debate and vote on all city affairs in the subject areas “Economy and commerce”, “Social affairs and education”, “Urban development, environment, traffic and drainage” as well as “Culture, sports and tourism”.

The platform allows both citizen driven initiatives and administration initiated debates. Mayor Rainer Ditzfeld hopes the residents of Achim will make good use of this new channel between the citizens and their city.

The platform is legally founded on municipal code.

With the start of achim-dialog the citizens of Achim are among the first LiquidFeedback users to enjoy the brand new notification system featuring digests customized for the individual users [3].



[3] Release of LiquidFeedback 3.2